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Welcome to Testone Catfish Charters in Santee Cooper, South Carolina -  Home of the Big Blue Catfish

Testone Catfish Charters is located at the heart of Santee Cooper on lakes Marion and Moultrie in South Carolina. World class fishing guide Captain Brandon Testone has fishing charters in Santee Cooper on two lakes, two rivers, two canals and a vast swamp.

Santee Cooper is awesome!  450 miles of shoreline, 171,000 acres of land covered by 756 billion gallons of water. Lakes Marion and Moultrie are famous as the home of the landlocked striped bass and the BIG blue catfish. Along with stripers and catfish are largemouth bass, crappie and bream. All of which offer an exciting challenge for anglers.

Charter fishing guide - Captain Brandon Testone -  has over 20 yrs experience catching fish - His speciality is catching Catfish, whether its the blue, channel or flatheads. With Captain Brandon as your fishing guide in Santee Cooper, we try to ensure a great time and rewarding trip is had by all.

Testone Catfish Charters has up to date equipment with a clean, well maintained pontoon boat large enough to give plenty of fishing room for 6 fishermen.

* Kids under 12 are free with a paid adult.
* Private Charters are available -- Contact Us for details.
* 10% discount for active military
* 10% discount for senior citizen 65 and over

If you want the BIG FISH - Your fishing guide - Captain Brandon - will find them but YOU still have to reel em in! 

Why choose Testone Catfish charters?
Fishing guide, Captain Brandon Testone, targets trophy size fish in Santee Cooper on lakes Marion and Moultrie.  That is after all what you came for right! 

Some of the boats out here are old and weather worn - OUR boat is what you see online - New, Clean, Safe and equipped with a GPS, marine radio, sea anchors,  and all coast guard required safety items. There is also an enclosure for bad or cold weather.

Leave the little ones behind, fish with me and lets hunt the monsters that Santee is known for!  We don't always catch trophies and numbers will vary depending on the conditions, but I will guarantee that I will try to put you on the biggest catfish you have ever caught...and have a blast in doing so!
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Santee Cooper Lakes
Fishing Report
Updated - 4/9/2014
Bream & Crappie:  Fair
Crappie: On warm days fish can be caught as they are moving towards the creeks, and they can be caught as shallow as 3-4 feet around trees and the edges of grass – particularly early and late.  With the warm weather forecast the spawn should be in full swing.  On cooler days the best bet is to stick to the middle of creeks in 10-12 feet of water and fish minnows and jigs 8-12 feet down.  Some people are drifting and tight-lining, but the most popular technique is to anchor down and throw out bobbers.

Bream: Only a few shellcracker are being caught right now.

Largemouth Bass:  Fair
Fish are moving up shallow into areas where they will be bedding, such as lily pads in a couple of feet of water.  Soft plastics including Senkos and Zoom Magnum Finesse worms are a good bet, and shallow running crankbaits should also work well.

Catfish:  Fair - Good
Catfishing appears to be improving on the lakes, and there are reports of some good catfish in shallow water while anchored.  Teenage-sized fish as well as a big 46 pounder have been caught recently.  Night-time shallow water fishing is also starting to come on, and some fish have been caught in this pattern fishing in both lakes recently.  Some good fish were also caught drifting in 24-28 feet of water last week.

Striped Bass: Fair
Heavily stained water typically limits the striper bite, except for anglers using cut bait and particularly cut herring.  The water was clearing before the recent rain but the inflow may increase turbidity again. 

In Santee Cooper - October 1st through May 31st, it is unlawful to take or possess more than 3 striped bass a day or to possess a striped bass less than 26 inches in total length. Game fish must be landed with head and tail fin intact.

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